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Executive Car Hire Manchester Airport

Where to find luxury and exclusive cars at Manchester Airport

Looking for exclusive transport? We can help.

Our car hire companies offer exclusive and luxury vehicles which are available for rent from the main Car Rental Village, located via a short bus ride away from the main terminals.

What cars do you class as “Exclusive”?

  • Mercedes E Class
  • Volkswagen Passat
  • Mercedes C Class
  • Skoda Octavia
  • Volvo XC60

Watch your age though!

Because exclusive cars are higher value there may either be a fee to pay or the hire charge may be more, so watch out if you are aged under 25. You’ll need a clean license too.

Where are the Exclusive cars located?

All cars are located at the Car Rental Village at Manchester Airport unless stated otherwise.

How much is it to rent an Exclusive car

If you use the quote form below, and select SUV/4X4 or Luxury/Sports Cars – this will give you the list of vehicles available for the dates you require.


Posted by , 24th October 2017