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How Could a Hire Car Change Your Holiday?

Add a touch of flexibility to your holiday

Most people fly when they go abroad on holiday. It’s possible to drive to the Continent and enjoy a break in France, and possibly further afield, but it’s a long journey to make. If you fly, you’ll get there sooner and be ready to enjoy your holiday, no matter where you are.

Some people automatically add a hire car to all or part of their holiday. However, not everyone does, and you may be wondering whether it is worth doing this. we’ve put together a few pointers to illustrate how a hire car can change your holiday for the better.

You won’t need to worry about paying expensive taxi fares

We’ve all heard horror stories about people hiring a taxi while on holiday… only to find they are asked to pay far more than they expected when they reach their destination. No one wants to be caught out like this – and if you get a hire car, you won’t be.

No need to arrange your day around public transport

Who wants to spend their holiday looking at bus or train times? Moreover, would you want to be limited to how long you can spend enjoying a location? This could happen, as you’d need to be sure you could catch the last bus or train back to your holiday accommodation.

A hire car is there for you when you need it. Providing you can remember where you parked it, you’re always good to go!

Hire cars are far more comfortable and convenient

If you’re heading to a much sought-after beach that is beyond walking distance away, it’s easier to get there in a hire car. You’ll have beach towels, sun lotion, a bag of essentials, perhaps some food and drink… You won’t want to carry that on public transport, or be restricted to the time you can spend there, as mentioned in the point above. A hire car means you can load everything into the boot and get going according to your own schedule.

How will you use yours?

Booking a hire car in advance – whether it is for a day or two, or for your entire holiday – makes life easier. You can often get the cheapest prices by looking online for a deal before you go, too. If you want to make the most of your forthcoming holiday, make sure you fit a hire car into your plans now.

Posted by , 2nd November 2017