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Posted by , 29th November 2017

Do you run your own business? Do you have one or more cars you use for your business needs? If so, you may have periods where you are busier than others. Few businesses experience the same influx of work all year round – no matter which industry they are involved in. Owning and operating a […]

Posted by , 29th November 2017

Most of us are familiar with the idea of using comparison sites. These websites are designed to save us both time and money. And yet when it comes to hiring a car, using a comparison site may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Instead, we may find ourselves trying to think of […]

Posted by , 16th November 2017

What kind of person are you? Are you the type who likes to live life day to day, never worrying too much about the future or what it might hold in store? Maybe you’re the type of person who always plans for whatever comes next. You check every detail to make sure nothing goes wrong […]

Posted by , 3rd November 2017

If you’re planning a long weekend or holiday away from home, chances are you’ve already thought about how to get to your destination. In some cases, flying is the only option, but this doesn’t always apply. You might be going somewhere in the UK, for example. If this is the case, you have two options. […]

Posted by , 2nd November 2017

Most people fly when they go abroad on holiday. It’s possible to drive to the Continent and enjoy a break in France, and possibly further afield, but it’s a long journey to make. If you fly, you’ll get there sooner and be ready to enjoy your holiday, no matter where you are. Some people automatically […]

Posted by , 1st November 2017

When the paper driving licence counterpart was abolished in 2015, so too was the ability for hire companies to readily view a record of non-expired penalty points when renting vehicles out. The arrival of an online portal means all such information is now stored electronically. If you’re looking to rent a car from us, you […]

Posted by , 1st November 2017

There are new routes from Manchester Airport as of today with Flybe launching services flying South to Southend Airport. The new flights will operate up to 3 times a day. Flybe was obviously very proud and had a large launch event to celebrate the new routes. Flybe is not the only airline to be expanding […]

Posted by , 30th October 2017

“Get as many in as you can” seems to be the mantra of the UK holiday maker says car hire firm who carried out a survey of holiday makers. Travellers from popular UK airports to popular holiday locations such as Tenerife, Spain and Ibiza were questioned in October 2017. The results of the […]

Posted by , 26th October 2017

Hurricane Ophelia hit Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales and the West Coast of England on October 9th, causing widespread chaos. Many flights from airports in the region were disrupted, including 50 flights from Manchester Airport to Ireland (Dublin) and Northern Ireland (Belfast). The hurricane itself was categorised as a Category 3 hurricane, meaning widespread damage was […]

Posted by , 25th October 2017

The overwhelming majority of cyclists are in favour of new laws to force all cyclists to have bike lights fitted to their bikes. New factors such as most cars now running daytime lights and increasingly busy roads were top concerns. Cyclists it seems are acutely aware that they are being made invisible by powerful car […]