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Pre-Flight Pre-Drinks: A FIFTH Admit Being DRUNK Before Flying

Boozy brits are drinking more and more before flights even though airlines are trying to clamp down.

“Get as many in as you can” seems to be the mantra of the UK holiday maker says car hire firm who carried out a survey of holiday makers. Travellers from popular UK airports to popular holiday locations such as Tenerife, Spain and Ibiza were questioned in October 2017.

The results of the survey showed that 7% of those asked were drinking 5 or more pints and 15% drinking 3-4 pints (or equivalent) before boarding their plane. The trend of “pre-drinks” where you get drunk before going out to get drunk seems to be the norm for those going on holiday too.

David from Leeds said “I’m going on holiday and I’m going to have a good time. The party starts the minute I’m in the airport – me and the lads usually have a good few pints before the plane”

Caroline from London says “To be honest we had a few in the minibus even before the airport, but that’s when the holiday starts, and we’re here to have fun!”

Ryanair has called on airports to limit drinks to two per person, but the challenge is how the airports actually police this. However, airports make good profit from the bar areas in airports with many airports investing heavily in creating new spaces for travellers to enjoy themselves pre-flight.

The survey of holiday makers in October 2017 found that:

7% – 5 or more pints (or equivalent)
15% – 3-4 pints
32% – 1-2 pints

The popularity of “pre-drinks” before flying could be very difficult to clamp down on. People are used to drinking before going to the races, nightclubs or other events. The popularity of all-inclusive and free drinks in bars on holiday mean that holidaymakers are simply reacting to what they are used to.

“Perhaps it’s the stress of flying these days, all the extras, the uncertainty, the rush and push to get on – people just want to zone out of it all” says Julie Shuttleworth of

“Or maybe they are just starting their holiday fun early by having a few drinks.


Posted by , 30th October 2017