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Well Ahead of Time or Last Minute: How Do You Book Your Hire Car?

Seek out the best deals by booking early

What kind of person are you? Are you the type who likes to live life day to day, never worrying too much about the future or what it might hold in store? Maybe you’re the type of person who always plans for whatever comes next. You check every detail to make sure nothing goes wrong and nothing takes you by surprise. If you want to buy something, you do your research to make sure you get the cheapest price or the best deal.

While there is something to be said for living impulsively from time to time, it could harm you if you book your car hire that way. Of course, if you book a last-minute holiday, the car hire will need to be booked at the last minute, too. But if you book your holidays a few months ahead of time, you will be surprised at the price difference you could be met with.

Seek out the best deals by booking early

While you can sometimes secure last-minute deals, this doesn’t tend to apply with car hire bookings. Instead, the further in advance you can make your arrangements, the better the price is likely to be.

The best way to find those prices is by shopping around – and in this case, you should do so online. There is no better way to compare deals quickly, without it seeming as if you are spending half your life doing it. It enables you to check a variety of providers simultaneously, thereby accessing and comparing deals a lot faster than you could do alone.

Check the terms of each offer are equal

Don’t assume the price you are offered for car hire is for the exact same agreement at one rental company as it is at another. It’s a bit like car insurance – you get the basic quoted offer, then you need to dig into the deal to see what’s included and what isn’t.

With that said, the earlier you can secure a deal, the cheaper it is likely to be. That’s good news for you if you have always tended to book just before you go, or even at the airport or your destination when you arrive. If so, there are significant savings to be made. And those could be spent on other ways to enjoy your holiday

Posted by , 16th November 2017